Wednesday - Feb 21st, 2007
subject: Blegh

B-Day is off to a rough start. I am home sick with a stomach bug. I'll spare you the details...

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Tuesday - Feb 20th, 2007
subject: I wrote a song
mood: creative

Naughty Little Goth Girl
By Mike

Her lips are stained with a blood red lip-gloss
Chokered around the neck with a silver cross
Over striped tights sits her deconstructed skirt
She wears Sexy lace bra behind an HIM shirt
Her hair up in pigtails with red and black streaks
She tortures the weak and teases all the freaks

She makes it a point to make them all sit and stare
But they will all be blinded by that pale skin glare
She just laughs away all the eyes that she feels
As she crosses the room in her “fuck-me” heels
Naughty Little Goth Girl, play your little game
Naughty Little Goth Girl, enjoy the fickle fame

She’ll make you believe that you stand a chance
And she’ll make you perform every menial task
She’ll dangle her milky white skin in your face
But you’ll never get to feel her darkling embrace
She’ll make you beg down on your bruised knees
But soon you will come to find she is only a tease



Down in her tomb she’ll tire of you very soon
She’ll cast you aside and you’ll cry to the moon
You will never understand nor should you try
‘Cause that saucy little bitch’ll just make you cry
There is no followed logic or pattern to the pain
You can live and die while she dances in the rain


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Tuesday - Feb 20th, 2007
subject: GAH!

I just realized today that tomorrow is my Birthday. I will be 29.

Someone bring Jack Daniels...

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Tuesday - Feb 20th, 2007
mood: awake

I dyed my hair red recently and got a tattoo. I finally grew the nut to sit in the chair and be indellibly inked. I got a skull in an iron cross on my shoulder. I originally wanted a heartagram but when I saw this baby on the wall I had to get it.

Well now I am hooked. If they weren't so expensive I would be back in the chair right now. :)

As soon as I get the chance to I will photograph it so I can share it with you guys.

greenwich_ella got a Monroe piercing on the same night and it is smokin' hot. She and I decided we went "normal" too easily when we had kids and such. We decided that we would go for it and make our outsides match our gothy innards. So down with khakis and up with black leather!

Sorry I have not been around I really do miss everybody. :(

My dream is to open a gothy restaurant catering to our kind called "Dusk to Dawn" and only be open when it is dark. The other thought is to have an attached or integrated strip club with gothy "suicide girls" type girls dancing. The strip club to be run by greenwich_ella while I would run the restaurant and kitchen.

On the off chance there is a wealthy goth out there reading this I can put together a prospectus and business model on demand. It would be wildly successful I am sure. :)

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Monday - Jan 15th, 2007
subject: Is there anybody out there?
mood: bitchy

I tend to think no one really cares if I post or not these days. I have been gone so long I have likely alienated most everyone I know on-line. That is unfortunate. With getting wrapped in day to day cooking/cleaning/kid wrangling/trying to get enough sleep/trying to find time for sex/etc. I can get pretty wrapped up in my life.

Everyone is fine, the kids are growing like weeds, greenwich_ella (Leigh) is as beautiful as ever and the animals are still around and kickin'

Work is really good, I am getting some good customers that order with some frequency so my sales numbers are pretty good.

My biggest stress right now is that greenwich_ella came off her "cycle" a few days ago and we still haven't managed to get all kids asleep so we can have sex. Argh! I know I should count my blessings if THAT is my biggest stress but it is annoying. Why won't these children all sleep, all at the same time, and goddess forbid stay asleep?

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Tuesday - Oct 17th, 2006
subject: I NEED Nookie!
mood: HORNY

With everything terrible happening in the world I feel kind of selfish being so bitchy about wanting to have sex.

Well regardless of that I need body trembling, earth shaking, foundation cracking, bed post popping, bed sheet ripping, board splitting, brain exploding, nerve shatering, pulse pounding, steamy sweat dripping, genital taxing, body wracking, pleasure center overworking, multiple orgasm enducing, fatigue causing, le petit mort bringing, wall crumbling, slippery when wet SEXXXX!

I need all surface area and erogenous zone licking, synapse firing, skin tingling, spine chilling, blood coursing, toe curling, back arching, eye popping, ball bursting, dirty, raucous, animalistic, tribal, primal, wicked, devilish roguish fucking!


Apart from that things are relatively boring on my end. Everyone is healthy and well so that's good.

I miss al my internet acquaintences and particularly everyone from the BPAL community. Winter time and breaking out the Dracul again always makes me misty eyed and nostalgic.


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Sunday - Oct 15th, 2006
subject: Really Cool
mood: drained

I met with Chef Jonny Foster at Le Passage last night here in Chicago. Le Passage used to be a speak easy and it is really hip kitschy night club/restaurant. Chef Jonny is an awesome guy too with a great personality and a wonderfully loud, spirited laugh.

It felt great to be there before it opened, the space is awesome. It also felt good to be there when I would never be able to get in normally. Now Chef tells me if I ever want to come he will put me on the list. I am becoming a mover and shaker in the night club and restaurant scene and getting paid. LOL Life is good.

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Friday - Mar 31st, 2006
subject: No Longer Public
mood: crappy

This Journal is Friend's Only. I may or may not post stuff publicly, more than likely not.

You can leave a comment here if you want to be added.

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