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I wrote a song

Naughty Little Goth Girl
By Mike

Her lips are stained with a blood red lip-gloss
Chokered around the neck with a silver cross
Over striped tights sits her deconstructed skirt
She wears Sexy lace bra behind an HIM shirt
Her hair up in pigtails with red and black streaks
She tortures the weak and teases all the freaks

She makes it a point to make them all sit and stare
But they will all be blinded by that pale skin glare
She just laughs away all the eyes that she feels
As she crosses the room in her “fuck-me” heels
Naughty Little Goth Girl, play your little game
Naughty Little Goth Girl, enjoy the fickle fame

She’ll make you believe that you stand a chance
And she’ll make you perform every menial task
She’ll dangle her milky white skin in your face
But you’ll never get to feel her darkling embrace
She’ll make you beg down on your bruised knees
But soon you will come to find she is only a tease



Down in her tomb she’ll tire of you very soon
She’ll cast you aside and you’ll cry to the moon
You will never understand nor should you try
‘Cause that saucy little bitch’ll just make you cry
There is no followed logic or pattern to the pain
You can live and die while she dances in the rain

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