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I NEED Nookie!

With everything terrible happening in the world I feel kind of selfish being so bitchy about wanting to have sex.

Well regardless of that I need body trembling, earth shaking, foundation cracking, bed post popping, bed sheet ripping, board splitting, brain exploding, nerve shatering, pulse pounding, steamy sweat dripping, genital taxing, body wracking, pleasure center overworking, multiple orgasm enducing, fatigue causing, le petit mort bringing, wall crumbling, slippery when wet SEXXXX!

I need all surface area and erogenous zone licking, synapse firing, skin tingling, spine chilling, blood coursing, toe curling, back arching, eye popping, ball bursting, dirty, raucous, animalistic, tribal, primal, wicked, devilish roguish fucking!


Apart from that things are relatively boring on my end. Everyone is healthy and well so that's good.

I miss al my internet acquaintences and particularly everyone from the BPAL community. Winter time and breaking out the Dracul again always makes me misty eyed and nostalgic.

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