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Is there anybody out there?

I tend to think no one really cares if I post or not these days. I have been gone so long I have likely alienated most everyone I know on-line. That is unfortunate. With getting wrapped in day to day cooking/cleaning/kid wrangling/trying to get enough sleep/trying to find time for sex/etc. I can get pretty wrapped up in my life.

Everyone is fine, the kids are growing like weeds, greenwich_ella (Leigh) is as beautiful as ever and the animals are still around and kickin'

Work is really good, I am getting some good customers that order with some frequency so my sales numbers are pretty good.

My biggest stress right now is that greenwich_ella came off her "cycle" a few days ago and we still haven't managed to get all kids asleep so we can have sex. Argh! I know I should count my blessings if THAT is my biggest stress but it is annoying. Why won't these children all sleep, all at the same time, and goddess forbid stay asleep?
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